Family owned and operated M. Deitz and Sons have been manufacturing and distributing high quality, durable, custom-made chairs and stools since 1921. With such a long history, it’s no surprise they are one of the leaders in the restaurant furniture industry. We had the pleasure of chatting with Kenneth Deitz, President of M. Deitz and Sons to learn more.

M. Deitz and Sons started out selling entire restaurant projects. “This included front of the house furnishings as well as the back of the house equipment,” Kenneth Deitz said. “This gave the customer an incentive to buy from us for a “one stop” shopping convenience.” It was Michael and Tillie Deitz who established M. Deitz in 1921 right out of Newark, NJ. Now three generations later, Kenneth and Steven Deitz hold the reigns after M. Deitz and Sons persevered during the Great Depression, one World War, 15 recessions, one great recession and 15 different presidents. With an underlying desire to sell front of house items the company switched gears fully over to furniture. “Furniture became such a big piece of the business that we were able to wholesale our seating products and distribute throughout the country.” Now in 2016 the company is going strong, providing a wide range of contract seating products.

M. Deitz product line now offers a variety of quality, custom furnishings at price points for almost any budget. The product line ranges from economical chairs and table bases up to fully upholstered custom chairs. M. Deitz also offers quick ship items that are expedited with a 1 to 2 day prep time and can be fabricated to the customers liking. “One of our greatest strengths is the ability to tailor our products to meet our customers’ design needs without adding tremendously to the costs. Since we buy components and build the products ourselves in our facility it is simple for us to make adjustments and alter the furniture as we progress on an order,” said Deitz.

M. Deitz restaurant furnitureM. Deitz may have a big product line and large clientele but the company itself has only 16 employees and that has been stable for the past 5 years. With only 16 employees, it’s incredibly impressive for this New Jersey based company to operate within a 65,000 square foot facility. M. Deitz is incredibly proud of their employees and prides themselves on their product and their customer service. “Customer service is one of our best features. We are very responsive to all inquiries and orders, and treat each customer, whether it’s a single location restaurateur or a national chain account, with the same care, attention and service. Since we are a small company, we are nimble and flexible, and can do what is sometimes considered the impossible,” said Deitz.

When it comes to food service trends, M. Deitz is always watching, either reading industry specific publications like yours truly, or by just simply listening to customers. Currently there is a renaissance with a search for value. “The advent of the internet and an influx of low quality imports have flooded the marketplace. Too many people, from dealers, to designers to end-users have been disappointed by poor quality. They purchased based on a picture they saw online or from a catalog just because it met a particular price point,” said Deitz. M. Deitz is able to monitor this in order to provide their customers with the best value and an education as to what they are getting.

M. Deitz restaurant furnitureM. Deitz provides its customers with the best possible value, highest quality product and with excellent customer service. It’s really no question why M. Deitz is constantly coming up with new innovative product ideas that make the lives of their customers easier. Aside from new products and ideas designed for the consumer, M. Deitz is also instrumental in helping their customers select the right furniture. “With years of experience and feedback from customers, we are able to recommend items that would be better suited to a particular application,” said Deitz. M. Deitz and Sons is an almost 100-year-old company designed to suit the needs of their customers and is obviously doing something right. So next time you are looking for seating solutions, think of M. Deitz and go to their website or visit their showroom in Hillside, NJ and meet the M. Deitz family.

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