Fire Rating and Code Compliance

M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. makes no claims that any standard product sold, will pass or comply with any specific fire code or ordinance beyond code Cal. #117 and Boston Code #117/2013. It is the customer’s responsibil- ity to contact local officials to determine what, if any, fire codes the furniture being purchased must pass. [...]

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Discontinued Items

M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue any item at any time for any reason. Once an item is discontinued M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. cannot be held liable to provide that item. This liability will cover all current and future projects as well as matching previously shipped merchandise.

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Carriage Bolt Construction

Carriage bolt construction is standard on many wood chairs and bar stools and is available as an option on most other items. Standard lag bolts are removed and a carriage bolt is installed from the outside of the back leg, through the seat rim. This method of construction adds strength and longevity to the product. [...]

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Product Enhancements

M. Deitz & Son, Inc. is constantly looking at new ways to enhance and strengthen the products we manufacture and sell. Additional bracing, bolting, etc., is available above and beyond standard construction on our wood furniture. Below is a short list of additional features and charges for enhancements to our furniture. If your customer has [...]

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Samples are available for current customers. Samples must be ordered by formal purchase order and are to be paid for. Generic samples that are produced and returned in saleable condition within 30 days will be credited in full. The corresponding shipping charges from the factory to the customer and the return charges are the responsibility [...]

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