Tariffs that have be placed on imported products by the United States Government are an additional cost that IS NOT included in the prices listed in this Workbook. Since the tariffs are temporary, vary in size and do not apply to all of our products it is recommended to contact customer service in advance of [...]

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Once a customer has forwarded a purchase order to the factory it is considered a firm order. Orders cannot be canceled or changed without written authorization from M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. Orders in progress that need to be changed or canceled are subject to a charge not to exceed 50% of the item’s net [...]

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To insure durability and proper use of the products, routine periodic inspection must be made. Inspection should cover all joints, corner blocks, stress points, welded areas, glides, etc. Loosened screws should be tightened. Areas that are welded should be inspected for fatigue. Items that show defects or appear unstable should be taken out of service [...]

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Items sold by M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. are warranted, to the original purchaser, for one year from date of ship- ment, to be free from defects in workmanship and material with normal use and service. This warranty will still apply even if M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. is apprised of the products final destination. [...]

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Terms are strict net 30 days after credit has been established. All initial orders are to be paid for in full in ad- vance of shipment or pickup even if a request to establish credit terms has been submitted. Orders placed that are COD or CIA require a 50% deposit to be submitted before any [...]

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