Many trucking companies will no longer take loose cartons and require that all merchandise is shrink wrapped on pallets. When specifying a preferential trucking company we are to ship with, it is the customers responsibility to notify the factory if the trucking company will accept loose cartons or if the shipment must be made on [...]

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Specifications listed in this Workbook/Price List, as well as our catalog and web site supersede all other previ- ously listed specifications. M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. shall not be liable for typographical errors in any printed/digital literature, quotation, on any correspondence directly from the factory or from our agents or on our web site. Typographical [...]

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Seat Height

Unless otherwise noted, the seat height will be 18” to 19” on all chairs, and 29” to 31” on all bar and perma- nent mount counter stools. M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. calculates the seat height on upholstered items with some compression in the seat cushion. Altered heights, taller or shorter than standard, may be [...]

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Dimensions in our catalog, price list and on our web site are subject to change. Dimensions are in inches and weights are in pounds. All tolerances are +/- 1”. Overall dimensions listed in our literature are of un-cartoned items. Carton dimensions and cubic dimensions of shipping cartons can be supplied upon request.

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