-Self welting same color and grade (where not standard)  = add $6.00 list -Self welting same or lower grade contrasting color (where not standard) = add $8.00 list -Self welting higher grade than seat cushion: = quoted on request -Split seat (2 colors same grade). Split will run front to back = add $40.00 list [...]

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Nail trim cobbler seats are available on certain chairs and bar stools. The upholstery will be applied to the existing finished veneer, wood or saddle seat. Consult the specific item in the price list or contact the factory with your request. Cobbler seats are available in 3 different styles: Bentwood  - Decorative nails are applied [...]

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Upholstered seat panels in many cases can have decorative nail trim follow the perimeter of the horizontal portion of the seat. This method is less expensive than having a cobbler seat applied to a product.  Consult the specific item in the price list or contact the factory with your request.

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Unless specified or noted otherwise Antique Hammered brass colored nails will be used on all items showing the decorative nail feature on seats and backrests. Customers can also request several other nail styles and finishes at no additional charge. Under no circumstance will M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. incur any cost to change the nails [...]

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Metal protectors are available on many of our wood bar stools with flat footrests. This feature is standard on certain items and as an option on others. Please consult the specific item for the cost, if any, to apply the footrest protector. Unless specified a satin brass footrest protector will be used. Satin chrome and [...]

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The heights listed for arms in this Workbook and the styles shown in our literature and our web site are sub- ject to variation. Table top and bar top thickness, skirting, or custom height table bases may all be factors that will limit an arm chair or bar stools use. It is the customers responsibility [...]

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It is the customers’ and/or specifiers’ responsibility to advise M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. of any and all limitations of the application the materials that are to be used on the furniture being ordered. This is includes, but is not limited to pleating, folding, direction, sewing methods, etc. This also pertains to all materials that [...]

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There will be a 15% up-charge to apply leather to any standard pull over or nail trim seat. Any product with a fully wrapped seat, upholstered backrest or any item that needs the leather to be sewn will be quoted upon request. It is recommended that an adequate sized sample of the leather be provided [...]

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Upholstered Backs

Certain items that have upholstered backrests, etc. are done by installing the upholstery with nails through the face of the material. Items that require this nailing process include any woven fabric up to Grade #6 at no additional charge. Fabrics will diminish the appearance of pin holes left by the nailing process. M. Deitz and [...]

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Customer’s Own Material (COM’s)

COM’s are accepted at Grade #3 pricing. The factory has the right to add a 15%-20% charge to COM’s for patterned, striped, directional, or material that is difficult to work with. This includes solid colored materials that are to be run in a single direction ie: velour, faux suede, mico-suede, Mohair, etc. Specific, written in- [...]

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