Appropriate Selection of A Product

M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. is a firm believer that some products are better suited for a particular situation than oth- ers. Even though all of the products we sell are made for commercial use there are times where one product may suit an application better than another. Placing a product in a location that [...]

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Expedited Orders

M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. has the ability (when possible) to expedite customer’s orders that are required in ad- vance of scheduled production time. The charge to expedite an order will be no less than 10% of the net cost of the order. This charge may increase depending upon the availability of raw materials, fabrics, [...]

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The factory will inspect warranty items for repair or replacement only with prior written authorization. All items shipped back to the factory must be done on a prepaid basis only. Any item shipped to the factory freight col- lect will be refused. Requests to return merchandise for reasons other than warranty inspection will be re- [...]

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Delayed Orders

Orders that are being processed or are ready for shipment, and requested to be held in our facility at the cus- tomer’s request, will be subject to storage charges. Orders will be held for a maximum of 2 calendar days at no charge. If the merchandise does not ship on the 2nd day, the customer [...]

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Once a customer has forwarded a purchase order to the factory it is considered a firm order. Orders cannot be canceled or changed without written authorization from M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. Orders in progress that need to be changed or canceled are subject to a charge not to exceed 50% of the item’s net [...]

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Fire Rating and Code Compliance

M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. makes no claims that any standard product sold, will pass or comply with any specific fire code or ordinance beyond code Cal. #117 and Boston Code #117/2013. It is the customer’s responsibil- ity to contact local officials to determine what, if any, fire codes the furniture being purchased must pass. [...]

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Upholstered Backs

Certain items that have upholstered backrests, etc. are done by installing the upholstery with nails through the face of the material. Items that require this nailing process include any woven fabric up to Grade #6 at no additional charge. Fabrics will diminish the appearance of pin holes left by the nailing process. M. Deitz and [...]

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Customer’s Own Material (COM’s)

COM’s are accepted at Grade #3 pricing. The factory has the right to add a 15%-20% charge to COM’s for patterned, striped, directional, or material that is difficult to work with. This includes solid colored materials that are to be run in a single direction ie: velour, faux suede, mico-suede, Mohair, etc. Specific, written in- [...]

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Material Grading

M. Deitz & Sons, Inc bases the grades of the vinyl and fabrics shown on our web site and on our fabric ven- dors sites on several criteria – cost, pattern, workability of the material, yield, as well as several other factors. Grading of materials is not always consistent and varies between manufacturers. It is [...]

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Freight Quotes

All written freight quotes from M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. are valid for 30 days unless otherwise noted. Freight can be quoted as a separate item or will appear as a separate line item on our acknowledgement. Standard freight quotes are based on shipments going from our location to a commercial establishment with a loading [...]

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