All written freight quotes from M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. are valid for 30 days unless otherwise noted. Freight can be quoted as a separate item or will appear as a separate line item on our acknowledgement. Standard freight quotes are based on shipments going from our location to a commercial establishment with a loading dock. Freight charges will vary based on the unloading capabilities at the location, access to the location, time of delivery, help at the location, type of facility (school, government installation, country club, restaurant, health care facility, hospital, etc.). All this pertinent information should be presented to customer service when asking for a freight rate. Additional services such as inside delivery, delivering at a specific time or on a specific date, lift gate, un-cartoning, calling for a delivery appointment, carrier inspection, security inspection, border inspection, etc. will incur additional charges and should be noted when asking for a freight rate. Unless requested at the time of the quote, these services are not included in the quote. M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. reserves the right to bill our customers for any and all extra charges assessed by the freight companies for additional services required/rendered that were not requested prior to quoting the freight charges. Orders that have shipped and been requested to be held at a trucking company’s facility, or re-consigned by our cus- tomer or the consignee will be subject to additional charges above and beyond the original freight quote. The charges will be based on the terms, conditions, and costs associated with the particular shipping company used.