M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. makes no claims that any standard product sold, will pass or comply with any specific fire code or ordinance beyond code Cal. #117 and Boston Code #117/2013. It is the customer’s responsibil- ity to contact local officials to determine what, if any, fire codes the furniture being purchased must pass. We have the ability to fabricate upholstery and certain frames to meet most fire code requirements. Please con- sult the factory in advance with your fire retardant specifications to find out the additional costs (if any) to have furniture made to the specific codes. In special situations, certification must be presented to show that the product meets certain burn test criteria. M. Deitz & Sons Inc. has had several items tested and they have complied with some of the most stringent fire codes. The tests conducted are for “generic” items and can only be used on a “comparable” basis. It is the customer’s responsibility to see if the local fire authorities will accept our test for “comparable” items. If not, then a test must be ordered and conducted on an exact item. The additional cost associated with a burn test can be quoted upon request. The cost of the test, a sample product and all transportation costs would be incurred by the customer. M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. will not take back merchandise that is refused by any official for lack of documentation, certification, etc. if it is not re- quested prior to the fabrication of an order. The factory also will not incur any additional costs to make exist- ing furniture code compliant if we were not notified of the requirements in advance of production. M. Deitz & Sons Inc. will also not take responsibility for any items fabricated with COM or customer specified materials that have not been sent out for an appropriate burn test. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the material being sent or specified will pass the appropriate tests when used with suitable components.