Orders that are being processed or are ready for shipment, and requested to be held in our facility at the cus- tomer’s request, will be subject to storage charges. Orders will be held for a maximum of 2 calendar days at no charge. If the merchandise does not ship on the 2nd day, the customer will be invoiced on that day, and will be expected to pay for the merchandise, regardless of when it ships, within the terms of the invoice. Storage charges will start to accrue on merchandise that remains in our facility beyond the 2nd day. Charges will be calculated on a cubic foot basis. The cost will be no less than $20.00 net per calendar day. After 14 calendar days merchandise that has not been shipped will be transported to a public storage facility. All costs, transportation, handling, storage, etc. will be the customer’s responsibility. All charges for storage, handling, etc. will be due prior to release of the merchandise. Orders that have shipped and been requested to be held at a trucking company’s facility will be subject to the terms, conditions, and costs associated with that particular shipping company.