M. Deitz & Sons, Inc. is a firm believer that some products are better suited for a particular situation than oth- ers. Even though all of the products we sell are made for commercial use there are times where one product may suit an application better than another. Placing a product in a location that is not appropriate may have a bearing on its usefulness and longevity. If there are any questions whether the product being selected is suit- able for a project please contact customer service in advance of placing an order. We will be glad to assist in recommending a better suited product or make suggestions how the existing specified product could be al- tered or strengthened. Our warranty may be voided on furniture placed in an environment where it was obvi- ously incorrectly specified or if another product or products would have been better suited. M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. product’s are produced for the contract market. Anyone wishing to place our product into the resi- dential market must understand the differences between the two. The first priority for contract products is construction. Our furniture is built to hold up and withstand the physical stresses in high traffic restaurants, schools, institutions, cafes, hotels, etc. Residential furniture, on the other hand is made with aesthetics as the first priority. People that are purchasing commercial furniture for their home should be made aware of these facts. Slight blemishes and imperfections that may occur on a commercial product and that are accept- able in a business application may not be acceptable for someone’s home. This is why M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. will only accept small orders with the implied understanding that this information has been relayed to the final user of the product. If there is a problem between our customer and the end user pertaining to an aes- thetic issue M. Deitz and Sons, Inc. will not address the issue as to a credit, replacement or return.